Saturday, November 1, 2008

What are you doing?

That's the Twitter question.

1.Take shower (done)
2.Get dressed (done)
3.Drink coffee (half-done)
4.Eat 12-grain hot cereal (waiting for it to be done)
5.Get gas
6.Go to my meditation group
7.Go grocery shopping
8.Start novel
9.Eat dinner
10.To be determined later

Note: Starting a novel is number eight on my to-do list.

Come join me on Twitter, if you like, where I'll be leaving short messages about my Nanowrimo progress. I have no idea how to ask you to join me, as I haven't figured out the Twitter thing, but my screen name is julesinrose. And if you're a nanowrimo yourself, come buddy me.

Image note: Doesn't it look crooked? It's an optical illusion. Dick says, "It is crooked. What are you talking about?" He's sitting right next to me, so I haven't said anything. Yes, the do-to list is crooked, but the box is not.
And I think this is interesting. Really.

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TMC said...

Hey I have that To Do notepad somewhere!