Thursday, November 6, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Once again, I'm copying something TMC posted over at Return to Rural, but she got it from Ice Cream is Nice Cream.

As I've had a most productive day thus far and need something silly to help me procrastinate doing the next thing on my day's list o' things to do, I figured I'd do the "I prefer meme". What do you prefer? Mind are in bold, just like TMC's.

birkenstocks or designer shoes
I'll take the or in this one. I don't like birkenstocks. Do I like designer shoes? Not particularly. Do I like really interesting shoes? Most definately. But these days, I mostly wear Keens, which may merit the term "21st century birkenstocks"
outside or inside
This year inside seems to be winning. But there'd be no inside without the outside, so how can a person pick just one?
hoping or planning
I do both, but hoping often leads to planning, so I'll choose that one, please.
carrots or peas
I love peas. I also love carrots, but I seem to eat a lot of peas. Peas with butter. Peas in curry. They are so nice and green (except when they come out of a can, but that's a whole nother kettle of non-fish)
cheese or chocolate
Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Bring it on! I'll take cheese over chocolate any day of the week. Doesn't it seem like I'm using more cliches than usual? Anyhoo, sometimes I feel like I'm not a "real woman" 'cause I'm not all nutso about chocolate.
wristwatch or intuition
I may not wear a wristwatch, but I do like knowing what time it is.
milk or juice
I don't drink milk, so that's out. Juice, I've recently found some (raspberry lemon) that I like to put into sparkling water. Sparkling water (or seltzer, as they call it in New York) is my drink.
creating or viewing
Without the inspiration of viewing, I may not create, but still, I prefer to create.
walking or running
If they could invent a really effective sports bra, maybe I'd run. I miss running around like a kid.
bouncing or rigid
See the last entry.
cozy or breezy
This woman likes cozy. I can't sit on the sofa without my blanket. Life without being cozy - aw, I just would be miserable. Woodstoves, wool and three feet of snow. I love it.
fancy or hearty
Considering how much I like pot roast and turkey dinner (yes, I'm a disgusting carnivore), I must choose hearty. And then there's biscuits and gravy and dumplings and. . .I'm hungry!
chuckle or guffaw
I can't say I've ever done either.
whisper or announce
Everyone says I speak too softly to even hear. Says one person, "I don't hear half of what Julie says. I just nod my head and smile." Nice, huh? Sorry, everyone. I hear things too loudly!
lick or bite
No comment.
snuggle or grope
I refuse to choose.
sing or listen
I love to sing, even if I can't sing very well. There should be more singing on a daily basis.
kiss or hug
Again, I refuse to choose.
wonder or discover
And once again, I think there's no discovering without wondering, but discovery is even more fun.
anticipate or achieve
To heck with both of these.

Well, the world is full of false dichotomies. Commentaries and sutras about "picking and choosing" abound in Zen Buddhist literature. I'm too tired to think or write about that.

Photo note: Okay, maybe I should have written "I prefer designer shoes." John Fluevog, for instance. I don't own any of his shoes. I can't afford them. And where the heck would I wear them? In my muddy yard? When I'm walking through snow? Over to the General Store? I'd still like a pair. Okay, I love interesting shoes much more than my Keens. I might not wear the shoes above, for those colors are almost sickening, and I absolutely wouldn't wear the ones below, because I don't wear opened toed shoes (or sandals), but they are so, ahem, interesting, and because of that, I had to post two (a first!)


TMC said...

peas with butter...mmmnomnomnom. That's a pioneer style side dish, isn't it? Regardless, that's tonight's supper. :)

Anonymous said...

it's a fun one but a little pointless, because on many of these I feel like saying, why do I have to choose? I want it all!
I ,too, have a weakness for Keens shoes. And I must say that they are some good looking Keens too, they are not just comfy.

Julie H. Rose said...

I wanted to make up my own pairs of words, but that would have been "not playing the game".

Its pointlessness was the point last night. Needed a break from everything. And any opportunity to find pics of interesting shoes is fun.

Danica said...

I like the way you are thinking..! Well, those shoes are not so bad to wear.