Friday, October 3, 2008

To blog or not to blog

Fact one: I should be studying, not blogging.

Fact two: There are estimated to be approximately 70 million blogs worldwide, according to the Blog Herald.

Sort of a fact three: "Your loyal readers are the ones you service on a regular basis and if you can’t connect with them by giving them what they want, need, and rely upon, your post missed the connection." This, from the above mentioned Blog Herald.

I have no idea why anyone who is a regular reader of this blog comes back for more. I know that I get a lot of hits because of the few and far between tattoo entries, but those folks do not come back.

Conventional blog wisdom says this type of blog is doomed to failure, and I am beginning to understand why. Even I am getting tired of my rambling.

I also thought that I was doing some kind of service (ha! ha! ha!) by posting images of paintings that most people would never get to see otherwise, and providing links that could be followed with interest. But I know that noone clicks these links.

I also contended that being "interested in everything" was some kind of hedge against depression, but I sure haven't proved that one, have I?

So, as Freud might have asked, "What do blog readers want?" I ask periodically, but this time it's feeling more vital.

I'm starting to think that I could serve people best by posing questions, making suggestions (such as the time I said "go out and look at nature today"), and posting open-ended crafts project instructions.

In the format I presently have, you may land here and read a Palin-bashing rant (I couldn't hold it in any longer!) or you may read a perfume review. This is a super-specialized world - heck, there's a magazine for everything. I saw one today for people who made clothing for stuffed dolls.

This is a diary of sorts, open for all the world to see, but unless I want to push a cult of personality (and I doubt that's going to happen), how far can that go?

Please, help me out and give this all some thought (and get back to me, okay?)

Image note: From the Historic Iowa Children's Diaries Digital Collection. C'mon: click a link! It's good for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, no need to despair. Most people write for themselves firstly and if others find it interesting...well, it's an added bonus. I mean, with more then 70 million blogs out there, it's a lot to read. Your blog is great and I love it's randomness, but I know very few people who read blogs that don't have a "subject"

Julie H. Rose said...

Thanks, N.

Am I despairing? No. But, there's more to this than I'm writing about. I've got what Palin would call a "gosh darn" migraine headache, so I must STOP looking at this screen!

I'm really glad you enjoy the blog. Y'know, the people who do, well, they seem to all be super interesting and nice people! Yay for you!

TMC said...

I think I usually come back and read blogs that 1.) initially have something that identifies the writer as being/doing something I'm interested in, 2.) are updated regularly, 3.) demonstrates the writer's personality. Point 3 is key because that's how folks get to know you and will continue to read. The blog doesn't necessarily have to be "about" anything. If it's the writer's interest to encourage a wider audience, I can see how specializing would help do that but I haven't been able to figure out my blog's About yet either. :)

Julie H. Rose said...

Thanks for weighing in, TMC. Your blog is about you, too, and I like it probably because even though I don't know you, I like you from your blog (rather a roundabout sentence there).

There are blogs I read for informational purposes only, blogs I read because I enjoy them or the people who write them. . .I will write more on this subject. What do I want out of blogging? I don't think I'm the best judge of what OTHER people want!

Anonymous said...

I say don't worry so much about what other people want. Your blog is interesting and engaging already. People will gravitate towards what resonates with them for one reason or another or not. And yes, I agree with TMC, even awesome blogs that don't get updated regularly kill my interest.

Julie H. Rose said...

Well, you don't have to worry about this not being updated regularly, lol! Today is yet another example of my asking "Should I continue?" followed by a flurry of posts.

I will never connect with Joe or Jane Sixpack, nor do I want to find out how.

I don't know if it's that I'm worrying about reaching more people, but about why I'm taking up so much of my time, and thus, I have to ask myself what the purpose of this is.

Yikes, my writing has degenerated because of my interaction with the Markov text generator. Man, that interface is a blast!