Friday, October 17, 2008

Poor Joe

Poor Joe Wurzelbacher. One day he's just one of the great unwashed masses and the next he's in the media spotlight.

Don't you think McCain should have a least asked Joe the Plumber if he wanted to be part of the national debate on politics?

At first people made jokes about how Joe's going to get all kinds of new business from this free exposure. But no, poor Joe doesn't have a plumbing license, and in the world of plumbing, well, he actually isn't qualified to be a plumber. That's a piece of information I'm sure he didn't want broadcast to the world.

Joe, who obviously is not basking in the media glare, owes back taxes and has had two liens against him. And even though he didn't wish to share who he was voting for with the public, we now al know he's a registered Republican.

The plumbing business Joe works for (just him and another guy) will probably face some problems, now that it's known that Joe has no license. What will happen to Joe, the man who worries that his taxes might go up if he becomes more successful? Will he wind up unemployed?

I suppose if this happens, he could apply to be on a show like Survivor, for he's a decent looking and sturdy fellow.

I would venture to guess that Joe is now regretting that he ever asked Obama a question. In a country where everyone wants their proverbial fifteen minutes of fame, it seems ironic that we've found someone who actually does not and shoved him right into it.

Photo note: This is not Joe Wurzelbacher. It is a poster, that you can buy, called "Six Pack". I was trying to find out the origins of the expression "Joe Six Pack" and was completely unsuccessful. So, I bring you a homoerotic guy with six-pack abs. Would you have preferred a pic of a guy with a six-pack a day beer belly? I realize that there's a double standard for woman when it comes to presenting sexy pictures of men. I am positive that if I had headed this post with a photograph of a woman with a "10" body, I'd get a lot of flak. Right?

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TMC said...

Oh, those poor conservative nutjobs who can't appreciate a little homoeroticism don't know what they're missing.