Monday, October 6, 2008

History that isn't ancient

For all of you who aren't political junkies like myself, I wanted to provide this link: In Virginia, the bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley does a radio ad for Obama.

Hearing this ad is refreshing. The McCain campaign is ramping up its attack ads, and I hear that the Obama camp will probably do the same, though perhaps without so much venom. I hope they don't counter-attack, but hey, that's politics. I think most folks are truly sick of these kinds of politics, but I would venture to guess that I'm not the best judge of this. I don't think it's weak to not respond to verbal attacks. It's aikido of the mind.

The Ralph Stanley ad also touches me. I almost felt choked up. I'm going to say something about the "not to be mentioned topic": race. Hearing a white country music hero (and he is great) endorsing a black man for President is something that feels momentous. Is this hyperbole? I think not.

Slavery ended 145 years ago. That's not a lot of time, historically speaking.

Another number to think about: Women did not have the right to vote until 1920. That was only 88 years ago!

Painting note: Benjamin Robert Hayden William Smeal addressing the Anti-Slavery Society 1841

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