Thursday, October 23, 2008

In which I agree with a Fox News anchor

I don't know her name and, once again, I'm in a hurry. . .but I agree with something a Fox News anchor (female) said, in regards to the 150K that was spent on Palin's clothes. This is not something to make a big deal out of. She said (paraphrasing) that the day we stop paying such close attention to what women wear and how they look, that's the day we should judge the amount of money spent. Those fashionable suits that fit perfectly? They are expensive.

I was at a doctor's office yesterday, leafing through Oprah magazine. This magazine is presumably for "regular women". In it, I saw the "must haves" of this season - jeans and light tops for 300-500 bucks, suits for 3000 (I kid you not). This is the "affordable" clothing, for us, gosh darn it, regular gals. Sarah Palin isn't a regular gal, even if she did graduate from the University of Idaho and peppers her speech with lots of folksy words. She needs to look presidential. That costs some. Let's not get so petty.

But here's my caveat: If she gets 150K for her wardrobe, can the average American woman get say, $1500, in a tax refund for ours? I can't even afford new underwear. Bras are expensive, folks!

Photo note: From a random page on the Oprah Magazine Website entitled "Can I wear brooches without looking like a news anchor?" Such an important question for our times!
Brooches, Fabrice: flower, $485; peacock, $995. Dress, Marni (I can only imagine what this costs considering the price of the brooches).

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