Friday, October 17, 2008

The proverbial kitchen sink

I've been surfing the web since 8:30. There's so many things I need to do! On top of that, I'm doing a 24 hour meditation retreat starting this evening.

It occurred to me that I'm trying to stuff my head with as much extraneous information as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time. Maybe this is practice for trying to write a novel in a month. Quantity not quality!

For an ex-perfectionist, this is truly incredible. I'm planning on writing a bad novel. I just wrote a bad term paper (and have yet to find out if anyone noticed).

I worry (sort of) that embracing the idea of quantity over quality may be bad for me. But then again, I think that any activity that pulls me further away from perfectionism is a step towards greater freedom. The risk is to stop seeing the difference between degrees of quality, but I suspect that's not a problem (though I may be proven wrong).

But, on the other hand, conversely, (ad infinitum) I am told repeatedly by my Zen teachers that I need to come to the point. So, why am I about to engage in an activity that encourages me to continue to throw out my internal editor?

Because it's fun? Yep. I think that's the answer. Maybe I don't want to be a Zen Buddhist of few words. Hmmm.

Photo note: When I think about the upcoming 30-day novel writing spree, I think it's the "throw the kitchen sink at it kind of writing" (I just made that up - ain't I smart?) Well, here's a kitchen sink. You can buy it here. Where can you imagine putting this particular sink?

Addendum: Since so many folks have been having little contests lately, here's a question: How many times have I changed the name of this post? I don't know what the winner gets.


TMC said...

I'm going to guess three. Three title changes.

I'm not schooled in the Zen tradition but my thought is that stream of consciousness writing isn't necessarily not-mindful. If anything, the internal editor that tries to put a stop to the quantity is being clingy and clingy is craving and craving's the source of woes. Woes, I tell you!

**steps off soapbox, bows, turns and walks away with a flourish**

Julie H. Rose said...

Well, you are the first responder and have the correct answer. Some contest!

What would you LIKE to win?

As to your theory, it sounds reasonable. Not-clinging to being terse? I'm just not sure about this.

What about haiku? Was Basho clinging to form? Maybe he was.

Then again, the Heart Sutra says:
Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form.

Too many words, few words. Both judgments, I suppose.

You weren't on a soapbox. It's an interesting question. One I want to explore further, in fact.

Sheesh, I can be so serious, but that's me! No apologies!!!

Again, you choose your prize!