Thursday, October 23, 2008

The beauty of the positive message

Watch and listen here.

In eleven days, I'll stop posting about politics. But for now, I can't help myself. Tonight, at my knitting group, those of us who support Obama were talking about the very real possibility that he will win. If we weren't so distrustful of polls, predictions or the vagaries of public opinion, we'd say it was a done deal. But this non-superstitious person is superstitious, just like everyone else. Don't want to jinx it! If there were sidewalks where I lived, I would avoid the cracks like a lunatic.

I've been hesitant, though not too hesitant, to express my partisan views on this blog. I had never intended to write about politics.

But this time, I must. This is the first time I've really cared deeply, and I see that in others, too. When I saw Obama in February, here in Maine, I got a bit choked up during his speech. His are not the politics of division. They are the politics of inclusion. Whether you're for the war or against it, for progressive or flat taxes, or whatever issues that do indeed divide us (and should), it doesn't matter. Really.

What does matter, at this moment in time, as we face such difficult times, is that we have an opportunity to embrace a vision of this country as one that is fair, where we see those who differ from us as friends and neighbors, all sharing one another's struggles.

I don't agree with Obama on all the issues. And y'know? I don't care. When I see the faces of the people at his events, I see the possibility of joy. This is not "political". Some disparage this. They say it's only celebrity. But I say no. It is not. It is the hope that we can be the country we've said we are but have not fulfilled.

I see the promise, in electing Obama, of finally putting identity politics and identity hatred away for good. As a person of Jewish heritage who's stood face-to-face with neo-Nazis, I have been waiting for this day. Obama as president is this: You, those who hate, your time is up.

Photo note: I finally did it. I posted a photo of Obama. I said to myself that I would not. I'm not sure why. I ask you this: Do you believe that a man with a smile as open as his could be a terrorist? I've been getting mailers this week stating that he just might be. Call me a fool, but I trust someone who can smile like that. Sadly, not many people can.

Addendum: Over at FiveThirtyEight, they say there's 94.03% likelihood of Obama winning the election.

Update: Friday October 24th: 96.03%


TMC said...

I teared up after I voted this week, and not just because I got a sticker.

Anonymous said...

I hope the polls are not seriously off and we will elect him. He strikes me as a real person, not just another facade pushing his agenda. Real person who can relate to people as people and not figureheads (see "Joe the plumber")
Plus, I do like his smile.