Thursday, October 30, 2008

I guess I just like signs

Okay, I know lawn signs don't win elections. I just like seeing them, is all.

I think it's also because, in spite of my poll watching addiction (and the even worse addiction to reading every word Andrew Sullivan has to say, who's responsible for posting this photo), I still don't quite believe the polls and the pundits. So, seeing a good amount of McCain/Palin signs makes me worry at bit.

But, I just like signs. You should see my kitchen. It's full of them. I want to put up more, but Dick said "there's enough!"

Somewhere in Downeast Maine (that's the northernmost coast, for those from away*, is a guy who's had a 12 foot long "IMPEACH HIM" sign for the last eight years. The lettering was all awry and he was constantly patching it up, 'cause a good many folks ran into it (both intentionally and not).

*"From away" is what people who are not from Maine are called. That includes me, who's lived here for almost 20 years. Even if you were born here, you are considered by hard liners as from away if your parents were born elsewhere. This is an old Maine explanation for that:"If a cat had her kittens in the oven, you still couldn't call them biscuits."

Addendum: For one the arguably greatest signs in the state of Maine, click here.

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