Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In which I find myself inarticulate

Since the 18th of May I have written five posts that may stay in my drafts folder forever. There's too much on my mind. I feel inarticulate, at a loss for the right words.

Just now I deleted two sentences. Nothing seems right.

Here's a list of subjects that I've been writing about:
Hermes' 24 Faubourg
Bvlgari Black vs. L'artisan's Dzing!
cynicism vs. optimism
scary clowns
my grandmother's earrings
the beauty standard
symmetry vs. non-symmetry
my first real kiss

So, help me out. What would you like to read about? Suggestions are not limited to the above!

Photo note: This photo of the Hussey's General Store sign has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but since this post was about nothing, I thought "time for the sign!!!" This sign sums up the Maine the tourists do not see.


Country Mouse said...

My votes are: Obama, Bvlgari Black vs, L'artisan Dzing, the beauty standard and birdwatching in no particular order of preference. And knowing you, you could probably make them all fly in one post!

Country Mouse said...

I just read back on a few of your posts that I had missed. (Basically catching up on your blog). Two words kept repeating in my mind - both true, yet in total, an unfortunate cliche. I send my apologies in advance for my lack of originality in expression! The words I kept hearing were "breadth and depth". Breadth (wide range) and depth (complexity and profundity of thought). I think one of the important aspects of your blog is that it sits in my subconscious, percolating. I think that is one of the best measures of fine writing.

Abigail said...

Why do u live in Maine? That sign scares me.
Of course, I love Maine and my Aunt lives there. She lives on the coast in Penobscot Bay.
I would like you to write about these subjects in no particular order:
1. nail biting
2. sarah silverman
3. perfume snobbery
3. why I should (or shouldn't) get a tattoo
4. why it's sad that hilary clinton is the first real female contender for president (or is it not sad?)
5. butterflies. specifically the monarch butterfly and it's annual pilgrimage
6. how did david cooke win american idol when bo bice and chris daughtry were better rockers.
7. foie gras
8. david austen roses
9. being child-free and how it's not selfish but actually the opposite
10. the price of gas
11. the color pink (i couldn't make a neat list of 10 so you've got 11)