Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nothing new

I don't know if I'd label this one "bad taste" or just some sort of accident. The truth is, women have been wearing huge plaid coats in Maine (and other cold climates in the U.S.) for ages.

I bought a huge beat-up coat at the Salvation Army for one dollar. And I have been known, on occasion, to throw it on over nothing instead of a bathrobe. However, it doesn't look all that chic on this five foot tall woman.

I'm not sure it looks all that chic on this model either, but I'll leave that for you to decide. I doubt it costs a buck, though.

And really, those boots do not work with this at all. I would say the same for the bare pale legs (which inspire me to want to say to her, "Aw, sweetie, aren't you cold?) She needs a pair of Muck Boots and some wool tights or stockings.

Photo note: Preen - Fall 2008 from Elle's Top Ten New York Fashion Week Trends

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