Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shirt renovation

If you look to the right, in the links section, there's my abandoned blog. It has many photographs of various projects I've done. This is but one of them.

I call it the "shirt renovation" for what I did was buy a huge men's chambray shirt (one dollar), removed the cuffs, put a new collar on, and added some design elements and three huge pockets in front.

Nothing snarky or funny about this post. Just sharing something I enjoyed making. If you'd like to see the whole project as it progressed, please leave a message on this post. I have detailed instructions.

Now, is this chic? Nah. But if you live in a very rural area, like I do, it's nicer than the average apparel I see on other women. Why do so many people wear pastel sweatshirts with awful "artwork" on them?

Note: Google "country sweatshirts" and you'll find lots of horrible stuff.

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