Friday, May 2, 2008

Shoes, shoes and some Safron Troublant

Today I'm wearing L'artisan's Safran Troublant, which is a lovely scent. It does not smell like "Perfume". But I'm a newcomer to the world of niche fragrances, so what do I know?

This is the third time I've worn it: the first time I smelled almost nothing (perhaps I didn't put enough on). On March 13th, I left a virtual sticky note on my desktop. On it, I wrote, "l'artisan saffron whatever lol: at first, i didn't smell ANYTHING. but my nose is a little stuffy. As it settles down from this nothingness, it has a nice warm smell; it DOES remind me of an indian restaurant, but in a very low key way, but I don't particularly want to smell of lingering food."

My nose must have been stuffy, indeed. It is a noticable scent, though I'd still say it's quite low key. Very soft; it goes well with the pale wheat colored cozy sweater I'm wearing at present. The main thing I am smelling is vanilla, however. The saffron is there, in the background, and keeps the vanilla from smelling like some sort of candy. Others say it smells spicy, but I do not smell that. It is much too smooth to be called spicy. However, as much as I like it, it doesn't move me. I keep smelling my wrist, but not because I love the smell; I am just checking it out. I admire its construction, but I won't be sad when I use up my sample vial (at least that's what I say now!)

I starting to see that I want my scents to comfort me or transport me back in time or to other places or seasons. Anything else will just not do.

I was hoping to try L'artisan's Fou de Absinthe today but discovered that I didn't have any, much to my disappointment.

You may be wondering where the the shoes are. Look below! In the last three days, I've put up 8 drawings of "EIS Shoes". They look a bit scratchier than they do in person. I hope to learn how to scan them better (and I hope even more that they do.) Click on them to see a larger size if you want to read the small print.

Photo: Crocus Sativus - the Saffron Crocus

Addendum (4:33pm) I used some Aqua Net Hair Spray and so I needed to put a bit more Safran Troublant on. Now it smells like spices, but not exactly "spicy". I am tempted to see what Luca Turin says, but I've been doing that too often of late.

Addendum #2: (May 3rd at 3:50pm) I found a second sticky note from the same day under the pile on my desktop. It says, "Is there rose in here?" The answer is: absolutely. Today I went to apply some more Safran Troublant and accidentally sprayed on Yves Rocher's Rose Absolue (which is beautiful and outrageously cheap). There it was: the exact rose scent in L'artisan's scent. Lovely with the remnants of yesterday.

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