Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In which I admit I'm a hypocrite of sorts

Last night, as I was half heartedly watching television (Two and a Half Men, so kill me!) I was doodling at the same time. Besides liking to draw shoes, I love drawing pin-up girls, women with bald heads or crazy hair and clothes.

If I was a fashion designer, I'm absolutely sure I'd design clothes that look great on impossibly skinny tall women. These women are walking clothes hangers. That's why the stuff looks good on them. Bubble dresses, tons of material - it drapes nicely on this form, and because of that, it's not going away any time soon, even with the anti-anorexia campaign.

If I was a fashion designer, I'm absolutely sure that I'd design many things that are impossible for the average person to wear. Can you imagine a nurse or a school teacher wearing this Amy Winehouse-esque hairdo? Not a chance! But it's so much fun to draw! What's a designer (or doodler) to do?

If I was a fashion designer, however, I would not use bright yellow or chartreuse. Well, maybe a bit of chartreuse. But it doesn't matter, for I design imaginary product. Truth is, so do the real designers, for the most part.

Design note: Hair sticks: Black wood with rubber ball ends. Blouse: Creamy white linen/silk blend with antique abalone buttons. Skirt: Raw silk in black and creamy white. Tight to above the knee with center back slit that comes up just a tad too high for good taste. Can be closed partway with optional silk frog closure. Guaranteed to be sewn by hardworking women in some third world country.

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