Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My last two cents

No more debates. Good. I've had enough. Well, maybe not. It's been like watching sports and soon the season will be over.

So who won? I don't mean the election, even though just this morning the entire blogosphere was saying it was over for McCain. I don't think that's so (unfortunately).

Yes, as you all know, I am biased. I have never been undecided. The only thing I was that I am not now is respectful of McCain, but I won't get into that yet again.

I am shocked, frankly, that anyone thinks this debate was a tie. Yes, McCain was on the attack and Obama was on the defence some of the time, but so what?

McCain scared me. Seriously. He seemed unbalanced, ready to explode. He was practically incoherent on a number of issues.

Sorry, I want a president who is calm and collected. I was afraid that McCain was going to have a stroke during this debate.

I do think, however, that his saying "I am not Bush" (or however he said it) is going to be the soundbite of the evening. He isn't George Bush. This is true, and I haven't found Obama's repeating we don't need four more years of Bush to be a good strategy. Yet, this one line will not make the man president.

As McCain himself said in the last debate, we need a "steady hand at the tiller". McCain is just not that hand.

Image note: I just hope it doesn't come to this.

Okay, that was my last two cents. And by the way, I do believe I'm going to try to write a novel in a month. I've got a couple of ideas, and hey, even Dick likes the the concept. There may even be a plot in the works. Stay tuned.

Big Update: The bloggers weigh in and McCain lost it. Some words: petulant, incoherent, childish. . .another viewer expressed the same fear that he was going to have a stroke. . .who do want answering the call at 3:00am? Well, that's enough. Now, I still think we're going to see a tightening of the race, but I was born a pessimist (even though I espouse optimism at every opportunity). Good night to you. Now, I'm going to read everything I can until I crawl to bed. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Y'know, I loved to watch boxing when I was a kid.

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