Friday, October 24, 2008

Bribing you to comment

Not really.

On TMC's blog, she started a wonderful thing. Now, "thing" isn't the right word for it, but I am at a loss for words (gasp!)

Here's the deal: She will be sending the first three people who comment on her post a gift. Then, these people will do the same thing.

I was the second person to leave a comment and I thought I should wait until a third person joined in, but thought, "Why?" I love this idea, so I'll start now, and besides, I've been trying to get you folks to comment more! Yeah, it's a bribe (oh, I said not really, didn't I?)

So, if you are one of the first three people to comment, you must send me an e-mail so I know where to send your gift. Then, you have to make the same offer on your blog. If you don't have a blog, you can still do this. Send out a bulk e-mail that includes people you barely know asking them to send you a reply. Or you can stick a note in people's inboxes at work or put up a sign at your gym. There's lots of creative ways you can interact with people you don't know, even without a blog. You figure it out!

Sadly, the blogs I go to the most are not ones that will play this nice game. And that tells me something I should pay attention to. It'll be a good thing when I stop compulsively trolling poll sites, the NRO, and all the rest of the punditry world. Goodbye to all that (but not until the midnight or so on November 5th)!

Anyway, if you forgot what I was writing about (since I got off topic), if you want to join in the gift giving, pre-Holiday season and all, leave a comment. I know there's a lot of silent readers out there! I even know who some of you are!

As to the gifts - no money is needed. Handmade things are great. Re-gifting is good, too (though sending things you hate to others may not be good karma). This is truly one of those things where it is the thought that counts.

When I've traded perfume samples, most people (including me) included "extras" in our swaps. Some people wrapped the samples up in beautiful packages. It was always a treat. My trip to the mail box became something I looked forward to like a little kid. What surprise package was going to be there?

That kind of little joy does so much good for one's life. So, leave a comment. Get some joy.

Image note: Portugese packaging. Who cares what's inside? It's so nice looking! It seems to have something to do with this site, A Vida Portuguesa, which has absolutely lovely graphics, but I'm not sure of anything about it (since I can't read Portugese). Yeah, I know there's Google translate, but I'm feeling lazy.

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TMC said...

I'm number 1! I'm number 1!

Is that cheating?? You tell me. :)