Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reminders and suggestions

1. You still can get a gift from me. Read here.

2. Wander over to my links list. Perhaps it's lost in the sea of unwieldy sidebars, but it's worth a perusal and it is fairly short. Some of this week's highlights:

Treetop Zen Center in Maine is offering wilderness retreats at incredibly reasonable prices. Check it out! Have you ever wanted to try camping in the dead of winter? One retreat is in February, and yep, it's right here in Maine!

Kenny Cole had an open house today. If you've never clicked on his link, please take a gander. His work is fun, thought provoking, political, personal and authentic.

Websafe Studio is always worth a visit. Virtual chats, interactive art-making and more. Like Kenny Cole, I find Websafe's work truly moving, for both artists are ones who must create art and do it in their own unique way.

You may be thinking, "Don't all artists do this?" The answer is no. Anyone who's been to art school knows this. I see art every day that is devoid of real life and personal authenticity. So much art with a capital A is contrived, or is a product of an artworld that sees nothing outside of itself. When I see an artist who produces work that is driven by their sheer need to create, I feel I must champion it (but of course, only if I like it).


jmcleod76 said...

Wow ... it's been like three days since your original post and I'm only #2, I guess ... but I'll bite. I'm very motivated by free stuff ;o)

Just bring it next time you come to Treetop. And I'll bring you one, too, because I like giving presents better than getting them. And, no, that's not just some "look how unselfish I am, aren't I great" nonsense. It's purely selfish. Giving someone something they like is a huge ego boost.

Hmm, I feel like I should comment beyond that, but I'm groggy and don't have anything else to say, so that will have to do ...

Julie H. Rose said...

Yeah, I know! Don't these people wants gifts! And I know many of them. ;-(

So, Jaime, you do have to play by the rules. Please e-mail me so I can ask you questions (try "e-mail the author" or go to profile page, 'cause sometimes the e-mail to author function doesn't work). Then you are respectfully asked to do this, too (like on your myspace page, perhaps).