Thursday, December 11, 2008

A word from me (well, who else?)

Yes, I removed some blog entries. It wasn't that they contained anything oh-so-bad. It's just that I am keenly aware of how my physical state is affecting my mood and I know I'm not thinking clearly.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and support. I need to chill. Watching stand-up comedy seems like a good idea right now. So, that's what I'm going to do. See ya!

I leave you with the tenth card in the Rorschach series. I'd be most pleased if I come back and see what you make of this one! Again, I'll post my response if you do.

And to all those who never leave comments: c'mon, leave one. It'll do you good.


jmcleod76 said...

Ooh, this one is a party under the sea! There are lobsters and crabs and cute little tropical fish, and they've decorated in pretty pastel tones.

Mmm, I've just had two glasses of white wine. I wonder if this affects my interpretation?


Anonymous said...

It looks like an angry samurai with a mustache and the Eiffel Tower on top of his head. Plus, there are a couple of blue crabs up there, brandishing green leaves and a bunch of birds hanging around. How's that?
But really, my very first thought was:
"Why, it's a vagina!:)"
Maybe it's worth mentioning I've had three glasses of wine...

Julie H. Rose said...

Two glasses of wine, then three. . .let's see who shows up later tonight.

I'm waiting to see if someone who never leaves a comment does so. Let's see if I can round one up.

Thanks for your responses. I have no training in experimental psychiatry, so I won't be analyzing you, don't worry. Well. . .

zippitydlicious said...

2 fairies pulling apart a turkey wishbone, with yellow hummingbirds and golden yellow butterflies watching with devoted attention. crabs for some reason on each side, offering to the ceremony leaf fronds.

damnit, my mind is supposed to be dark and insane.

Gidaren-kun said...

I see a knight standing in the center with an enormous metal horse-head helmet, the crimson cape billowing behind him, hands clasped before him.

To the sides, two bizarre looking beetles fan him with large leaves and are tugging off the cloak, assisted by the birds.

Anonymous said...

Gidaren-kun, I totally see that!
I'm also glad we all agree on the blue crabs with leaves.
Phew, it's a relief we're not going to be analyzed on this one:)
I'd definitely be diagnosed with something heavy...Hahaha
It was fun, you should do another one, Julie!

jmcleod76 said...

I saw the vagina, too, but not until after the sea party. Alas ... I'm not as sex-obsessed as I'd thought! And after wine, too. Just embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Who? Me? Sex-obsessed? Never!:)
What can I say...blame it on the wine:)

Julie H. Rose said...

Okay, I wrote this down before I saw you guy's answers:

Those blue things look like the kind of crabs that have one huge claw. That’s the green bit. It just popped into my mind that these crab creatures are wielding wool dusters. They are going to clean the Eifffel Tower, or maybe it’s the space shuttle. Either way, they’re waving in vain.

On the right there’s a dead baby sheep. I don’t know why it’s so yellow. It’s twin is unformed and makes me think of those candies at Easter. Two little mice are nibbling at the red thing. I have no idea what the red thing is. I look and look and nothing comes to me. I must be too afraid of whatever the red thing represents. Two fish hang from hooks in the center bottle and their blood stains are on the outer edges. They’re been picked up and moved.

I’m thinking about those crabs. They say, “We’re gonna get this place cleaned up? Right?" “Yeah, Yeah, we are! That’s the spirit!” They jabber away and do nothing, waving their dusters in the air. Meanwhile, the mice are picking away at that red thing,vwhatever it is. They’re not telling. They know a good catch when they find one. One of them whispered, “Shhh. Don’t tell anyone what this red thing is. They might want some, too.”

Julie H. Rose said...

Nika, there's another Rorschach blot on this site somewhere. Most of them DO look like pelvises, pure and simple. Or maybe it's just me.

Thanks for the fun, folks!

Anonymous said...

The unformed twin sheep looks like a state of Florida.

TMC said...

I totally suck at this game. I don't see anything but the colours. :(