Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Embracing mediocrity, again

I have written extensively on this subject. Just read any post about NaNoWriMo (see tags - I'm too lazy to supply you with a link right here).

I found a website that I can realy get behind and now have a link to it on the sidebar. It's See, I'm so lazy right now that I'm going to force you to amble over to the sidebar if you want to see the site. Big hint: the button is green (and I wish it was a different color). Now, the folks at allmediocre didn't even make that a clickable icon, but I did. Is that because they're mediocre? You'd have to ask them. I'm surprised I remembered how to turn a graphic into a link, 'cause I thought everything I knew about html was lost, along with any knowledge I've had of any other languages I've studied.

The sidebar has gained a mediocre link and lost the Amazon begging-for-donations link. Amazon has ended that program, which is just as well. I received exactly $2.61 in donations. I don't blame anyone. What with the zillions of blogs out there, why would you donate to mine? Don't blame me for trying, though. And I thank whoever that one person was for their donation.

It seems fitting that the begging bowl is gone and the admission to mediocrity is up. Sure, like every other blogger, I want to be special, but it's like I used to say about people getting tattoos, "I want to be special, just like everyone else." Well, I do think we're all special, actually.

It's just that I enjoy blogging so much that I really want to justify it with some income. I can justify it by saying (and this would be true) that it's enriched my life. I adore the people I've met through this blog. Truly. I don't know why, but the folks who've left comments here all seem to be people I truly like (yes, I said adore, didn't I?)

That in itself should be enough, and it is, for the most part. Of course, since I'm unemployed, I need some income. But, looking for it in this arena is a pipe dream that an awful lot of other folks have. I might as well just play the lottery every day.

I'm not going to become the next "Things That White People Like" blog turned into best seller. No way. I have no gimmick and no hook. That's a problem. I can't even figure out what to tag my posts. What kind of tag is "something about us", anyway?

I like that tag, but it means nothing in the blogosphere. I just can't help being who I am. I really don't think I'm all that mediocre, but I sure don't fit into a neat little box that can be sold easily. And I did get a 7.3 on (those jerks!) That's mediocrity!

This post is fairly pointless, isn't it? I have some things I'd like to write about, but I'm tired at the moment. I just wanted to bring your attention to the sidebar changes. And of course, Julie has a hard time getting to her point, every time.

Should we worry that I just spoke of myself in the third person? I'm not turning into George Bush, don't worry. I was just trying it out. I don't like it and don't plan on doing it again. Promise.

Painting note: Julian Schnabel, Untitled (Los Patos del Buen Retiro), 1991, oil, gesso on velvet, 457 x 457 cm
What does Julian Schnabel have to do with this post? Let's see: First, he's got one of the biggest egos of any human being I've ever heard speak. Noone can say a negative thing about Schnabel (see this past week's 60 Minutes). I admire his films quite a bit. He's an excellent director. His paintings? My opinion is so colored by that ego of his, that I can't say I have an honest assessment. The prices his work command is another issue (3 million dollars for an eh painting?) Whatever he does is golden. I doubt he's ever thought anything he's done in his life is mediocre. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's an insecure little boy inside that body somewhere. I certainly have to examine why he irks me so much, that's for sure.

I suppose it's pretty obvious. Last night, I was scratching my lottery tickets while thinking "I hope I win enough to buy a new mattress" over and over again. A new mattress?! Wow, I have big dreams, don't I? But I need a new mattress quite badly and I can't afford it. Meanwhile, Schnabel can sell a scribble on a napkin for the price of the mattress I can't afford. Not to mention all the starving children that need to be fed (big leap of thought here, I know). . .

Is embracing mediocrity a good idea? Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that it seems to free me up to be more creative. But then, I have to believe in what I've done and not call it mediocre, right? I have to practice all this. It's new stuff.

Addendum: I just realized I don't even know if allmediocre has even accepted me for their "mediocre blogroll." Geez, what if they don't? I will surely be embarrassed!


TMC said...

It took forever for me to get on the AllMediocre blogroll. Can't say I've ever noticed any traffic from there. Maybe I'm just not playing the game right.

How do I get a blog score? Would it make you feel better if I submitted mine and got a lower score? : )

What do you think your blog would be like if it were AllTop quality vs. AllMediocre? Is it that we're missing a niche?

At any rate, I don't think you're mediocre. ; )

TMC said...

addendum: I submitted myself to the whims of We'll see how it goes.

Julie H. Rose said...

I didn't notice your WERE on the AllMediocre blogroll!

No! If you get a higher score I'll be very upset! I didn't even submit my blog - I don't know how I got on there (some nemesis I don't know about!)

I have no idea what the AllTop quality standard actually is. I just liked the idea of further embracing just being whatever I am. Some days mediocre. Some days not. A human, y'know?

There is a part of me that's freaked out by scores and grades - that's why I screamed "No!" above. When I was a kid, if I got 7 A's and 1 B, there'd be no "good job!". It was "What happened with this B?" I've probably written that before. Oh, so scarred! (Puts hand against forehead and leans back in distress).

Julie H. Rose said...

Oh, and as to "niche":

Yes. Gimmicks and niches are the way to go on the web (and probably in life).

Me: I should decide. All perfume, all the time. Or all mental health issues all the time. Or all fibromyalgia issues all the time. Or all Zen all the time. Okay. Enough!

I like what I'm doing. Not the best strategy for "success", but I've never seemed to get the hang of THAT! I'm glad you enjoy visiting. As I wrote, I have GREAT visitors here! That says ALOT.

TMC said...

oh! I'm more mediocre than you with a measley C- score of 7.1.

And they have the nerve to declare that score "very good." Hmmph.

Julie H. Rose said...

Well, if they rated it that quickly, I doubt a human is reading it or if they are, what a snap judgment!

I saw some of their higher rated blogs. Maybe they are using a program to rate these things.

I hang my head that I felt a bit shamed by this nonsense and caused you to subject yourself to the same.

Harumph indeed!