Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Never had my nails done. . ."

I'm coming late to this game. Lady Sovereign's "Love Me Or Hate Me" came out in 2006.

Not brilliant, no, but I gotta love this:

"I'm fat, I need a diet.
No, in fact I'm just too light
And I ain't got the biggest breast-s-s, but I write all the best disses.
I got hairy armpits, but I don't walk around like this.
I wear a big baggy t-shirt that hides that nasty shit.
Never had my nails done.
Bite them down until they're numb.
I'm the one with the non-existent bum,
Now I don't really give a....Ugh!
I'm missing my shepherd's pie
Like a high maintenance chick missin' her diamonds.
I'm missin' my clippers lighters.
Now bow down to your royal highness.
No I don't own a corgi,
Had a hamster, it died cause I ignored it.
Go on then, go on report me,
I'm English, try and deport me!"

Thanks, TMC, for the Lady Sovereign tip. Check out this week's Sing-Along Thursday with "A Little Bit of Shh" over at Return to Rural.


TMC said...

I think we found your next fashion hairdo!! :)

Gidaren-kun said...

Um never heard this myself, but kind of awesome:)

Julie H. Rose said...

Thank goodness I cut my hair. You'd have to pay me to wear it like that.