Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes the superficial is not

Perfume. Just the word conjures up the trivial and superficial in most people's minds. What could beat it, in the category of superficial? Mascara beats it hands down. Those weird contraptions that curl one's eyelashes. Having a discussion about the relative merits of hair gel versus styling putty. . . Oh, the list is endless. What's the most trivial thing you can think of (and what's the most trivial thing that interests you greatly)?

Well, today, perfume lifted my spirits considerably.* I am not wearing something I'm all that thrilled about, but still, just thinking about perfume instead of my personal suffering was a sign that I could transcend my drama. I even got myself to walk a little further than I felt I could go, just to get my hands on some Guerlain Jicky, which wasn't right at my fingertips.

Jicky, which I've written about before, sometimes is a disappointment. It's quite refreshing, but can bring to mind the scent of Lemon Pledge. Once I think of that, like getting a bad song stuck in one's brain, it's hard to shake.

Perfume certainly can be trivial. It isn't to the companies who make it, but I don't care about that. And I don't particularly care for the celebrity scents (okay, I dislike that phenomenom tremendously). But, perfume is somewhat like watching birds for me. The stuff has the power to lift me out of my mood, to transport me to another place, and even to disgust me, which in itself is no mean feat.

It occurs to me, that if I lived in New York City, I might have walked to Aedes de Venustas, even if it practically killed me, to raise my spirits. Unfortunately, a stroll to the Freedom General Store would not have the same affect. Eau de Whoopie Pie? Vienna Sausage Pour Moi? Non!

Hey, I do have a couple of scratch tickets in my bag. I'd forgotten! I got them from my big ten buck win on Friday. I'll go scratch them. I bet I don't even win two bucks, but who knows? If I hit it big, every one of you will get a wonderful gift. I'll be back.

Photo note: How to Use An Eyelash Curler.
I dare you to come up with something more trivial than that!

*As did some wonderful people who helped me when I cried for some help. I can't thank you enough. Really. It's remarkable, really, for without the Web, it wouldn't have been possible.

ADDENDUM: I won five bucks. Not enough to buy a new mattress, unless I traveled back in time. Perhaps I'll figure out how to do that if I stay up late enough.


Anonymous said...

Perfume? Trivial? Never!
Well, there's perfume and there's perfume. I'm talking about a soulful elixir, something that has a transcedental quality, something that lifts me out of myself in the best possible way.
Trivial? You're right, it's hard to beat those eyelash curlers.
I dunno... nail polish? Bikini-line waxing?

Julie H. Rose said...

I agree, of course! ;-)

Though, Britney's perfumes and that ilk do challenge the notion.

Nails are terribly important to some folks. My grandmother, in her last days, was buoyed up my her weekly nail session.
Bikini-line waxing? Hmmm. But no, still haven't beat the eyelash curler. C'mon somebody - bring it on!

There MUST be something on the QVC channel.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the QVC channel, they must have something over-the-top trivial. I don't have cable:)

BitterGrace said...

You're right, in the realm of personal grooming, eyelash curlers are pretty much the apex of triviality. In life generally, though, I'd say it's hard to beat bedskirts for complete unimportance.

I think of perfume as frivolous, but not trivial--i.e., unnecessary but important. Sniffing binges have gotten me through some long nights, and perfume is an element of some of my most precious memories. I'm not surprised Jicky lifted your spirits--she's a work of art.

The most trivial thing that interests me greatly? Tough call. Somebody who visited my house would probably say candles, because there are so damn many of them here. But, of course, I don't think they're trivial at all!

Julie H. Rose said...

The word BEDSKIRTS caused me to burst out laughing, to the point of not wanting to write LOL.

I just re-read your sentence and it made me laugh again. Okay - you've found something there!

Eyelash curlers look like some sort of torture device, which gives them an air of mystery. Bedskirts, well, there's nothing there. Not a thing.

Silly frilly things they are. Someone will disagree, surely.


Ah here in Maine, candles are quite important, as they are in many parts of the world.

TMC said...

I sort of think those white pencils girls use to color the underside of their nails for a sort of fake french tipped look are pretty lame.