Saturday, December 13, 2008

Response times, amongst other things

Let's see: I wrote a mildly bad review of a Maidenform bra and received an e-mail from the CEO of the company the very next day. I bought some propane and contacted the governor's office on energy and have heard nothing in four days. I would guess it's been about a week since I asked to be on the blogroll of Allmediocre. Someone asked me to submit a piece of writing for an anthology back in July, I did, and I haven't heard back from him since.

Maidenform wins, no doubt about that. It figures. It's the least important of all of them. Allmediocre, well, I see they don't update their blog every day, so I'll let that slide. Anyway, if they call themselves that, I shouldn't expect much. The fuel oil thing? I would have expected something by now. And lastly, the fellow whom I sent two pieces of writing to, well, it's just rude. It's been almost six months, which I'd say is "not getting back to me." Like the girl who is still waiting for that guy to call, I'd have to say, "Gee honey, he's just not that into you."

I dislike rudeness. I really do. It's old fashioned of me, I know, but I think decent manners are nice. If you have to reject someone, just do it, and do it in a respectful way. It you can't get back to someone in a timely fashion, let them know you won't be able to. Hold the car door open for whoever is riding with you. It doesn't matter what gender they are. It's just a nice gesture. Don't let regular doors hit the people behind you in the head. Say thank you and please. It makes a world of difference.

Last week we had our neighbors over. I set the table as if we were having a fancy dinner, which I suppose we were. I noticed the kids were more reserved than normal. I realized that they may have been nervous. I thought it would just be good fun to light candles, serve juice in wine glasses and use fabric napkins, but it sent them the message that they better be on their best behavior. Not my intent. I wouldn't have cared if they put their elbows on the table or burped. After all, it was just supper at my house.

I put my elbows on the table most of the time. I don't know the rules of multiple forks or bother to eat my soup spooning away from me. This stuff is just silly, most of it. It's a way of separating the savages from the cultured.

But, plain ol' courtesy just makes life a bit nicer. Just my opinion.

Image note: From "A Manual of Domestic Economy" John Henry Walsh 1874

Addendum: I am now officially mediocre. See links to the right.
Note that there are sidebar changes. You can donate rice to needy people just by participating in a vocabulary quiz. The link to books on Amazon is gone. Noone ever used it. Too bad, for there were some obscure and worthy books on there. Now I have to do the work of posting on these topics in order to bring attention to some books?! Okay. Make me work, go ahead.

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jmcleod76 said...

I agree. I can be as oafish as anyoe at times, and I'm sure there are times when my courtesy flags, but I do try. It amazes me that so many people not only aren't courteous, but also seem not to even see others around them. Very disconcerting.