Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm not sure what they're doing in this picture. It didn't work,so they don't do it anymore. What does work?

You'd think with all the drugs on the market for depression, that something would work. But most people I've known with intractable depression have had little relief from their meds.

Today, I give up. Maybe I need one of the outdated methods shown in that picture. A good session of hair pulling? Hey, maybe it works.


jmcleod76 said...

Always worked for me ... ;o)
Oh behave!

Sorry you're sad ... only thing I can recommend is to make friends with the sadness. Welcome it. Make it some tea and set out a comfy chair for it ... I know I sound like some lame self-affirmation guru douchebag, but it's actually very good advice.

TMC said...

I vote trepenation.

Julie H. Rose said...
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Websafe said...

*recommends play*

Julie H. Rose said...

My previous comment was deleted on account of typos.

TMC: I need a hole in the head like a hole in the head.

And to all else:

Fun, making friends with my depression, hair pulling, etc. . .all fine suggestions. Just tell that to my body.

I am now going to attempt the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart Remedy."

BitterGrace said...

Jon Stewart's good. Or, you could go the other way, and listen to Strauss' "Four Last Songs"


I think this is approach is basically jmcleod76's philosophy in action.