Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too stunned about reality, so I wrote fiction

I assumed that I'd be posting about the fact that Barack Obama is now our President-elect on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008.

But no, instead I'm giving you a NaNoWriMo update: 2061 words today, 10061 total. That means I am a little over 1/5th of the way done. If it took me four days to write 10,000 words, then it'll take me, theoretically, 16 more days to finish, so this means I'm golden. But I'm going to need more than 50,000 words, the way this story is shaping up. My narrator is a blabber mouth who will not stick to the topic. She may be too boring for anyone to want to stick with, but I will stick with her to the potentially bitter end.

On the reality front, I am too tired and too stunned to write intelligently. I wasn't sure I could concentrate on my schoolwork, either, so I put on my bathrobe and played with the novel. Notice: today I was able to write the word novel without a self-deprecating indicator. However, I did write the word played instead of worked. But, it wasn't work, so why should I call it that?

I hope to be able to write about the election results and how I felt last night, but I just can't do it today. Maybe I'll feel differently later on, but I suspect I may be asleep. I can't stay up past 2:00am and drink champagne without feeling like crap the next day. Ah, this is one area in which I miss my earlier self!

Painting note: Vermeer "Woman Receiving note from Writing Buddy" 1667-1668

For the real name of this painting, click the Vermeer link.

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