Saturday, November 15, 2008

Billy the Kid day

First, I offer you Ry Cooder, singing "Billy the Kid" live:

And now I offer you the trailer for the movie, "Billy the Kid", about a 15-old-boy in Maine. This is a real kid, not fiction. There is a scene in the movie that is so funny that Dick and I watched it three times. I wish I could find a clip of that scene, but I couldn't. Though some reviewers say that scene was staged, one reason that we laughed so hard is that it was so Maine (and not the one the tourists see). Enough from me, here's Billy:

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Three Cent Stamp said...

LOL! Cool trailer. This movie looks so much better than most the crap that's out there right now. Love Maine. Only been there once, this past year so it would be interesting to see the real Maine. :-)