Friday, November 7, 2008


When I was tattooing, I had accept a certain level of mediocrity. Some days I wasn't all that enthusiastic about what I was doing. Tattooing yet another rose with a banner with a banner wrapped around it is not all that creative. Just how good a job can one do when the customer wants exactly what they see in the book? I just did the job.

And some days I was mediocre for no particular reason.

And yeah, there were times when I did a great job, deserved an A+ and a tip. But that wasn't an average day. I was average tattooist, maybe a little better, but not really. I learned to live with that fact, and thought it was a good lesson, for I'd once been such a perfectionist that it kept me from doing many things. After all, in my family, if I came home with a report card with 7 A's and one B, my parents would ask "What went wrong?"

So, my blog was rated by I got a 7.3 for "very good". They're just being nice. 7.3 is not "very good". It a bit below average. 7.5 is a solid C, and though I've conquered my perfectionism, getting a C is not good enough for me.

I looked at some blogs that got ratings of 7.3 all the way up until 8.3 and then said to myself, "You don't need this." I don't. I love blogging, and maybe I'm not word class (hell, I wouldn't give myself anything over an 8) but, really, a C minus?

Sure, my posts are long and I don't have a specialist's topic. I think that's something good, but that's me (and that's why this is my blog).

If you enjoy this blog, please help me get that number up. Click here. Maybe one reason I got a mediocre rating is that I've been categorized as a "religion and spirituality" blog. Huh?

Well, there isn't a section called "Dilletantes", so they had to pick something.

Image note: For a small collection of old report cards, click here.


TMC said...

I tossed in my 2 cents!

Julie H. Rose said...

You get the Bodhisattva award of the day!

Thanks. Aren't I silly, tho?

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you rate a blog? Besides obvious things like the number of hits or number of comments and how often it's updated. How do you rate content? It's very subjective, is all I'm saying.