Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wasting time (and time is money!)

Yes, staying up into the wee hours of the night didn't do me much good. I kept waking up and saying to myself, "Oh no, I've only been asleep two hours", "Oh, why'd I have to pee? I've only been asleep three hours" and so on. And today, I'm still obsessed with taking tests. I really don't feel like doing anything.

I thought I'd read my "novel" (okay, I did say I wouldn't put quotes around that word, but I can't help myself). I can't do it. I had hoped I'd edit it to the point where major revisions wouldn't be needed by the end of the month. But, that isn't going to happen. What needs to be changed is too complicated to rush, and I don't think that it's required in order to "win" NaNoWriMo. If I'm wrong, please, someone correct me!

So, more tests:

Evidentally, only 2% of the people taking this test are not afraid of confinement. I'm one of them.

96% of the people who took this test consider themselves cunning. I'm not one of them.

Evidentally, my self-assessment does indicate I am a tyrant. The "What Leader are You?" test told me that "People who like you better like chemical weapons" because I am most like Saddam Hussein. Huh? Did it ask me if I liked killing people? No.

To make me feel better, I took the Verbal Intelligence Test, which basically is a vocabulary test. I scored better than 89% of the people who have previously taken this test on Similarminds. Do I feel better? Not particularly. I didn't know quite a few of those words!

The Word Association Test says I have "issues" (whatever that means) with the following words: Forget. Religion. Future. Forever. Mirror. It has something to do with reaction time. Maybe I have a problem with words starting with F.

And lastly, the Career Test:

You are an Executive, possible professions include - program designer, attorney, administrator, office manager, chemical engineer, sales manager, logistics consultant, franchise owner, new business developer, personnel manager, investment banker, labor relations, management trainer, credit investigator, mortgage broker, corporate team trainer, environmental engineer, biomedical engineer, business consultant, educational consultant, personal financial planner, network integration specialist, media planner/buyer.

Who are they kidding? Me, an investment banker?

Maybe I was getting lazy in my answers, considering I've been taking tests for two hours, or perhaps it was just a bad test. C'mon - what kind of question is "Are you are brainiac?"

Painting note: Quentin Massys
The Moneylender and his Wife 1514
Why? It was time for an old painting, I like Massys (except for that hideous "A Grotesque Old Woman" (which you can see on the above link), and it's about a profession.


Websafe said...

Scored 99% on that Verbal Intelligence Test. But did not answer the questions for its author's research. Cheesy of me.

Julie H. Rose said...

I can believe you did. I would have just handed you a 99th percentile w/o you taking any test!

I do think I got some answers wrong because I was arguing with myself over the definitions, but there were some words I'd never seen before.