Monday, November 3, 2008

The NaNoWriMo Meter

I'm still not giving out a link to National Novel Writing Month's website, 'cause it's still having problems. Even my word count meter is loading slowly, if it's loading at all. So, in the spirit of my being a crowing bit of a jerk, here's today's word count: 2316 for the day (so far) and 8879 total. I didn't realize I was so competitive. This is great motivation for me, and honestly, I did not expect that.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be an official poll watcher for part of the day. I also have other things to do than sit in my bathrobe pretending I'm someone else.

I'm sure I will write about politics tomorrow. I can't believe the election is finally here. Yeah, I know other people voted early, and I could have, too, but to me, voting is on the first Tuesday in November. Actually, for some reason I've always had it in my mind that voting is on November 4th. Is the presidential election always on November 4th? I feel quite stupid, and I am not googling this and pretending I did know the answer.

Ah, well, Rush Limbaugh said I dumb on the radio today. He said even worse, actually.

ADDENDUM: I was curious about what some other NaNoWriMo's participants in my state were up to and the first post on the message board showed that someone had written 12,000 or so words already. I was awe struck. Then I got to post number four or so and see someone claims 43,000 words (plus some). Now, I may be competitive, but really, isn't that a bit insane? Maybe these people are on Adderall. I hear it's good for writing term papers. . .

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