Sunday, November 30, 2008

Non-top ten five list

Excuse me in advance for any incoherence on my part. I'm in pain, running a fever, have a headache, and am on medication. I shouldn't be writing, but when I saw I hadn't for three days (!) I figured I'd give it a try.

Here's a list of ten five things that I've done or thought while I haven't been blogging (and I'm not up to thinking of ten):

1. I just used up the last of my Serge Lutens' Un Bois Vanille sample. I've noticed that whenever I want to feel comforted, I reach for this scent. Boo hoo! No more comfort left. However, even if I could afford to buy a bottle, I doubt I would. Un Bois Vanille smells like burnt sugar to me, which is a classier way of saying it smells like cotton candy. I have a suspicion that I could find a similar scent from Bath and Body Works. But, I could be wrong.

2. Tomorrow evening the seven day Rohatsu retreat begins at Treetop Zen Center. I think it's unlikely I will be well enough to go. I've been looking forward to this for months. It's something of an exercise in non-attachment not to be depressed about my health keeping me participating. Aw, to heck with that, I am just plain ol' disappointed.

3. I bought a new bra. Now, normally I wouldn't mention this, but someone who designs bras at Maidenform is a total sadist. I wore this nice-fitting, pretty black bra on Thanksgiving and when I got home, the first thing I did was take that thing off. I had little perforation marks on my skin in the shape of a bra. I inspected the culprit, and noticed that there was what I can only describe as little teeth in the elastic (which should have been covered). First, I was angry at myself for not looking at the bra more closely before I purchased it, but then I sat down and wrote the company a letter of complaint. Will I ever hear from them? I doubt it. I did, in fact, write that whoever designed the offending undergarment must be a sadist.

4. I uploaded a photograph of myself onto a site that shows you what you'd look like with a new hairstyle and hair color. I'm not linking to this site, because you have so few choices if you don't pay for it, and it was frustrating. I did learn that my suspicion that the way I've been wearing my hair is not flattering is correct. And I should lighten it up a little. I'd love to go to hair salon and have them give me the full treatment, but why on earth would I waste my money on this activity? It's not like anyone around here cares what I look like!

5. TMC's latest blog post, the Seven Layer Meme, reminded me of something from my past. It's a really long list of self-disclosing prompts. One of them is "number of times your name has appeared in a newspaper." I'd guess that the answer to this is at least ten, but that's not the point. I sure wish I'd saved this, but I've never saved personal memorabilia; there was once a big photograph of me in a Lubbock Texas paper. It showed me on stage, looking like a complete and utter degenerate nutcase. The caption, in big bold letters was this: "Would you take this girl home to meet your mother?" Oh, how'd I love to get my hands on that article. Google searches have come up empty handed. Yes, I have looked.

Images:1. Heating pad, 2. mattress stack, 3. Wool Batts, 4. the gift of the moose
1. I don't know what I'd without my heating pad. 2.My mattress is truly awful and I'd love it if it was forceably taken away from me. 3.I'd love a wool mattress, but they aren't cheap. I hear they are fantastic for people with Fibromyalgia. Maybe next year (or when I win the lottery). 4. We saw a dead moose at the store, just about to be weighed. It didn't have a rack, and looked pretty much like a cow. Shooting one of these trusting, huge animals doesn't seem very sporting to me.

Addendum: I received an e-mail this morning from someone claiming to be the CEO of Maidenform. I find it hard to believe any CEO would write a personal e-mail to one disgruntled customer, but stranger things have happened. I'll keep you posted.

Update: The e-mail from Maidenform was indeed legit. Now, let's see if they send me a comfortable brassiere. Brassiere is a word that you don't hear much nowadays.Come to think of it, I can't think of anyone ever uttering the word brassiere in my presence. I imagine it spoken with a tremendous rolling of the first R. But really, how can one say brassiere with a straight face? It's a word that now lays firmly in the realm of comedy about old ladies.

But seriously, if Maidenform sends me a nice, new and comfortable bra, without any offending tooth-like elastic edgings, I will write about it. It's the least I can do in return.


TMC said...

I reckon we could find the article & picture but I'd need more info. :)

I'm sorry you're still feeling crappy and can't go on your retreat.

Julie H. Rose said...

Do you have some specialized knowledge of how to find old newspaper articles? I suppose figuring out exactly what paper it was and actually CALLING them might work. I did a pretty deep web search (and felt silly about it).

Hopefully, I'll be able to go to part of the retreat.

TMC said...

No, no special skills. Just years spent doing research on all manner of things in libraries. Bigger library systems have access to online databases that include articles, etc. Anyway, I'm game to help look if you want.

Some is better than none when it comes to retreat, but don't push yourself too hard, ok?

Julie H. Rose said...

If you want an assignment, I'll send you the info!

As to the retreat, my attitude is the same as it is towards any dissapointment - I figure there's something else I am needing to learn. Sounds SO new-agey, but I find it's generally true.

TMC said...

Deal! No guarantees, but I'll do my best! Email me.

I was going to say something similar about dealing with disappointment but thought it would sound too new-agish!

Kat- Three Cent Stamp said...

Sorry your feeling lousy and hope you feel better soon. After reading your Maidenform experience I think I'll stick to my ratty, old, let comfortable, brassiere. Feel better soon.