Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knitting class update, with some music on the side

I feel badly, but I've cancelled tomorrow's knitting classes because so few people signed up. I hope if you are one of the two people who did, you will sign up for the one that will be after the holidays.

I am also mulling over teaching a lace knitting class at Treetop Zen Center. Knitting complex lace is basically meditation with yarn. Mindfulness and concentration are essential.

Knitting is so rich with meaning. Come to think of it, is there anything that isn't? How could I be so foolish as to think that?

A friend asked me last night if I thought that "spiritually evolved" people might have different taste in music. I am not exactly big on the idea of "spiritually evolved people", but we'll leave that matter aside.

As for music, like what you like! Sure, some people think they are more evolved because they listen to John Adams instead everything that Justin Broadrick's done, but I think they're deluded. So there.

But I sure can't knit lace and listen to anything by Broadrick. Well, perhaps I could listen to Jesu and knit.

I had thought I'd failed miserably in trying to find an embed, but here it is, thanks to stumbling onto a new blog today (not that the writer of said blog likes Jesu or anything. He just had a lot of music embeds). Be forewarned - this is not the happiest music:

Image note: The cover of Jesu's Silver (linked above), which looks just about like what I see out my window today.

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Three Cent Stamp said...

Love the photo, like the beat of the music. I have always wanted to sign up for a knitting class but I suck at knitting. In my case it's more like, "knotting".

Maybe in my next life!