Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am fickle

It wasn't exactly summer when I wrote about my indifferent response to Annick Goutal's Encens Flamboyant, but we did have an unusally warm Fall until about a week ago.

I've gone from indifference to true love. A lovely woman was, well, lovely enough to send me a 1ml vial of the Annick Goutal scent, which I have enough left of for one day's wearing. I am nearly bereft!

Note: Hyperbole is essential when writing about perfume.

A perfume I had truly loved, L'artisan Parfumeur's Passage D'enfer has fallen off my adoration list, replaced by Encens Flamboyant. They are quiet similar, but what I once loved about the former, I now find flat.

I had previously said it was dry without being dusty. Now I smell dust. I had thought, "Oh, I liked it when it was warm out, but now it's cold." Not true! Just read this post, and you'll see how fickle I can be.

Really, I was positive that my change of heart had to do with the weather. It makes sense. Passage D'enfer is such a dry fragrance, without any warmth. So, it would stand to reason that as the weather gets colder, I'd not want to wear it. But the truth is exposed in old posts (many of them, in fact). My taste has changed. Pure and simple.

I had hoped that I'd be able to obtain some Encens Flamboyant on Ebay by 9:00pm today, but the expert bidders will outdo me by a penny every time. I have never won any auction on that site. Maybe someday this particular Annick Goutal will wind up on one of the big perfume discounter's sites, but I suspect that by then, I'll have moved on to loving some other incense fragrance.

Painting note: Giovanni Bellini
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Anonymous said...

YOU are fickle? I change my mind about these things on the hour.
You can't expect to be faithful to one scent no matter the weather or your mood. If I happen to get some EF, I'd be happy to share.
The only thing is....last time I wore it, it seemed too dry and dusty, it made my nose itchy. So I'm having second thoughts:)Bad, bad Nika.

Julie H. Rose said...

I'm usually not fickle! It's hard for me to try new scents because I want to wear what I love over and over again.

So, this is a surprise for me. Not loving Passage D'enfer? My goodness! I think I have over ten posts about that scent!

As for you; you're not bad, and there's an old saying or quote (someone tell me where it's from!):
"A woman has a right to change her mind."

On a serious note, it's considered a sign of weakness for men to do so. What's the deal here?

Anonymous said...

I hear you, if it weren't considered a weakness we wouldn't have had a proclaimed "decider" in the White House for that long...