Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm starting to wonder why I'm continuing this blog. I've run out of things to write (which is absurd) and it's devolving into a running commentary on my mood, which was never my intent.

In addition, I am becoming uncomfortable with the fact that whatever I've posted stays on the Web forever. Where is this stuff cached (and why?)

I think it's time, once again, for me to ask for suggestions. Every once in a while I've done so, and it's helped me get back on track. This blog is much more interesting (I think) when I write about Italian cookies, for instance, than the malleability of my moods.

Have I run out of interesting things? I highly doubt it! But I can't quite think of any (and yeah, I already said as much). So, please, if you want to keep reading, please help me out and make some suggestions! I am not kidding. I'm on the verge of abandoning this blog. . .

Last time I asked for suggestions, I got a whopper, in which I was asked to write about Cindy McCain, Bulgari Black, birdwatching and what else? C'mon folks - A strange assignment would be fun!

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