Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A respite

I've just read a review of a film I hadn't planned on seeing, "The Women", and now I plan to see it even less (if that's possible). This reminds me that I had started a post last week about the paucity (or complete lack) of women in films that I relate to even a whit.

When I watched (the awful) film, "I'm Not There", (supposedly) about Bob Dylan, and observed Cate Blanchett as she sat and moved like a man is supposed to, I thought "why don't we ever see women sitting with their legs apart?" Leaving porn out of this, the only time we ever see a woman in pants who sits with her legs splayed is when when that woman is a lesbian.

This week Newsweek has a picture of a tube of lipstick and Freud's question "What do women want?" Y'know, I'm getting awfully sick of being part of a demographic group. I am reminded of the awkward times in my childhood when my parents would bring me to an adult party with the promise that there would be another 10 year old there, as if all 10 year olds were the same. I remember sighing in the back seat of the family car.

Well, I am officially exhausted by politics. I'm also exhausted by everything else in life at the moment, even as I think "Oh, there's so much to write and think about!" In the Shoutbox, the subject of whether humans are essentially good or bad came up, and I'd sure love to tackle that one. I'd like to write more on what this post started with - how women are portrayed in movies and television.

But, yeah, I'm tired. In spite of this, I will be on a meditative retreat until Saturday night (which, contrary to the way it sounds, is truly exhausting). Hopefully, I will clean out my brain some and come back to the blogosphere with a sharper mind (and perhaps less depressive thinking). Let's hope so.

I'm not supposed to have any expectations, but I'm only human.

So, folks, I will leave you to it for a few days. Please leave some comments and suggestions and I will happily respond. This was never meant to be all about me, me and more me.

Image note: The first post without one! Here's an assignment: find something totally new to you that is thought provoking or beautiful and figure out why it is.

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Anonymous said...

I could use some brain-cleaning, indeed:)
Happy and productive meditating to you!glgl