Sunday, September 14, 2008

Perfume lust

If any of you happen to have 750 bucks that you are dying to get rid of, I really would like Annick Goutal's Les Orientalistes, a trio of three new perfumes. If that's a bit steep, I'll settle for the three without the leather gift box. That'll be three times one hundred and seventy five, which is, uh, um. . .well, three times one hundred and seventy five. . .(there's no calculator on this PC). . .here's the way I do it in my head:
150 times 3 is 100 times 3 (300) and 75 times 3, which is 50 times 3 (150) plus 75. . .so we have 300 + 150, which is 450 plus 50 (500) plus 25, which equals 525. Is that right? Okay, I got the calculator and it is indeed correct. Now you have a good idea about why it takes me so long to do math without a pen or paper, if I can even remember what the heck I was trying to calculate (or if you could even follow that or wished to).

Unfortunately for me, I am on the Aedes de Venustas mailing list, and so tonight I get the big announcement that these new Goutal fragrances are out. They sound luscious. Just their names are drool producing (oh, I know that's not a nice image for ya): Ambre Fetiche, Encens Flamboyant (which just reading about almost hurts, it sounds so beautiful), and Myrrhe Ardente. . .oh, please! Why don't they sell them in small sizes? ". . .Frankincense deliciously burnt and warmed by woody balsam fir. . ." Oh, my heart aches! My nostrils are flaring! If this isn't lust, what is?

Yes, this post is incoherent! I know! But it's okay, 'cause I can't go crazy and buy even one. Ha, this makes me think of a movie I saw recently called "Klepto" in which a shoplifting twenty-something girl's mother is a shopaholic. Well, I have neither the opportunity to steal a bottle of Annick Goutal nor buy one, so I will not be acting out any time soon (so don't worry).

I wonder if any of these scents are as good as the ad copy. Go read it. If you are moved by words and you know what any of the notes in these scents actually are, you will be thinking similar thoughts (or perhaps running up your credit card debt).

Photo note: That pink leather box is not worth the extra two hundred and twenty five dollars, so please don't bother with it, whoever my prince or princess may be (hey, I can indulge in absurd fantasies, can't I?)

Addendum: How embarassing! These aren't even new! They're new to Aedes, but not to the rest of the perfume world. There's a review from Bois de Jasmin, from way back on May 28th. I could cover my mistake and delete this post, but I am not ashamed. Okay, I am. Well, shame is a strong word. I'm just out of the loop. . .c'mon, I do live in Maine. I should be out of the loop! That's sounds about right. Even though I'm on line nearly all the time, I shouldn't know the latest in anything! I live in the middle of nowhere!

Okay, I'll calm down and stop putting exclamation marks on the end of my sentences. And yes, I know, they weren't much in the way of sentences half the time. It's been a weird day. I'm entitled to a seriously poorly written and incoherent post once in a while! (oops, there's another exclamation point) Good night.

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