Friday, September 12, 2008

Cloves, briefly

I realized I hadn't tried my sample of Diptyque's Eau Lente yet and so, since I'm trying to force myself to wear new scents, I put some on. My first reaction was so intensely negative that it was shocking.

I felt anxious! Anxious? What possibly could have evoked that response?

Then it hit me (although it had already done so subconsciously): the scent of cloves! Instead of associating cloves with studded oranges, apple pie or any other homey dessert, I think of only one thing: the dentist.

I had thought I'd gotten over this. I've even bought some clove oil to use when I've been waiting to see a dentist. The stuff really works at numbing the gums.

I wonder if knowing I'm going to smell cloves beforehand cuts down on this terrible visceral reaction. I'd have to say the answer is "yes".

My second thought after figuring out that it was clove I smelled was to go wash the stuff off immediately. But I didn't. I'm still undecided about Eau Lente. Others have described it as "dirty" smelling, but it smells soapy and clean to me. Then again, I grew up on Spanish soap, and this is yet another scent that reminds me of that. I need to learn what these notes are. I'm not sure (and I'm not a perfumista yet).

Photo note: Cloves, of course.

Addendum: I had to wash my hands and as I was doing so, thought "here's your opportunity to scrub." I did notice a headache coming on, but that could be attributable to most anything. Yet, the Eau Lente was truly bothering me. Most Diptyque fragrances fade quickly, but I couldn't wait nor rely on past experience, so scrub I did. Looking through my perfume samples, I realized today was not a good day for experimentation and so reached for Passage D'enfer, a scent I've had trouble not wearing in the past. In spite of some people saying it smells like Pine Sol, which is does not to me, I truly love the stuff. I like how it's dry and sweet at the same time and I find it very soothing, which I just what I need today.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, cloves...I love cloves, I must admit.
Luckily, I don't have a dentist association tied to them.
Haven't tried Eau Lente, but cannot imagine anything bad enough that passage D'Enfer can't fix:)