Monday, September 8, 2008

In which I admit that not everything is interesting

I am studying medical billing, coding and transcription. I didn't knowingly sign on for the billing part of this coursework, but it's part of the curriculum.

Earlier today, I realized I had read about ten pages of material and not a word of it had sunk into my poor addled brain. It was about as engaging as reading an IRS instruction booklet. Now, I do know an accountant who does find reading IRS publications to be truly fascinating, so I know that theoretically, everything is interesting, but as much as a generalist as I am, there are indeed some things that bore me to tears and practically make me want to get down on my knees and beg for mercy (please delivery me from this tedium!)

I find medical coding to be completely fascinating, but that's probably because I like reading things like surgical reports and trying to make sense out of them. When I was young, I had a secret desire to be an epidemiologist, so I do get some pleasure out of understanding such obscure language with the extra added bonus of not getting blood on my hands (with gloves on, of course) nor hearing the cries of suffering patients.

I sailed through all the coursework up until now. Anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and medical law were all fascinating. Having open-ended research projects helped, because I'd pick subjects that, if studied properly, could have taken years to write a paper on. Right now, I have to write a paper on the workings of independent medical billing companies and just looking at their websites starts to induce a low-grade migraine.

I was thrilled when my online courses were down for technical reasons this afternoon. This is not a good sign.

Thank you for indulging a bit of a whine. On the perfume front, I am mystified by Montale's Wood and Spices, for it smells neither of wood nor spices. My first reaction was "huh?" and plans for a good scrub. But two hours later I realized that I had not scrubbed it off and that I found the smell pleasing. I lifted my left wrist to my nose and thought "mmmm". Very nice! But what is it? I haven't a clue. Anyone who knows the answer to this, please leave a comment!

Image Note: Winter Snow "paint by numbers"
When I was a tattooist and someone wanted me to do a large all-black "tribal piece" i would sometimes say to them, "Imagine you were a kid and someone gave you a paint by numbers kit and a small black crayon. Then they told you you had to color the whole thing black,not go over one line and not leave even the smallest dot of white left at the end. . ." Not only is that boring, but it's cruel.
Check out the Smithsonian's Paint by Numbers exhibitition here.

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