Sunday, September 7, 2008

The weather, PMS and some other bleary thoughts

It's about as humid as it can get without raining. It's gray, and the wind is kicking up in big gusts, making the leaves rustle with a surprising amount of noise. This kind of weather, I've noticed, makes me a bit anxious. I ask myself "What - are you afraid of coming storms?" The answer is no. Last night the rain fell hard and I loved the sound of it on the roof as it lulled me to sleep.

The closest thing that's describable to my feelings about the kind of weather we're having right now is PMS. Seriously. To the men reading this - you may only know PMS as the cranky mood some women get into before their periods, but you don't have a clue what it feels like. PMS is exactly like a a pre-storm warning!

This definately fits into the category of "Too Much Information" but I don't have PMS anymore and haven't for so many years that I barely remember it. But I do remember the fights I used to have in those edgy days before Aunt Flo came to visit. Unlike many other woman, I would always be happy to have it pointed out to me that I might have PMS and that things weren't as bad as I seemed to think they were. But I'm sure more than one of you reading this have heard the lines, "It has nothing to do with the fact that I've got PMS!"

The last thing I thought I'd be writing about is PMS.

It's been one of those mornings (though I woke up at 10:40) where I feel like sleep did more harm than good. I'm achey and bleary, but I wanted to report the following:

I feel ever so much better now that I've deleted my Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton posts. Saying no to feeding my own anger and the anger of others is a weight off of me. Now, I need to find out how to remove the cached material off the web. I have no idea how to do this. If anyone reading this knows, please tell me! "They" say that anything one puts on the web stays there forever. Is this just a new myth or is it really true?

To help ward off my feelings of edginess and the bleariness of awaking too late, I applied some L'artisan Chasse aux Pappillons. It smells so nice in the vial. Now that it's on my skin, it feels oversweet for my taste. Ylang-Ylang overpowers everything.

I'm still thinking about those hits I got in the last twenty four hours where people read my vitriole, which I thought was behind me. It wasn't a lot of folks, but even one is too many.

Link: I hardly ever watch Saturday Night Live. Last night, I saw a re-run in which there was a terribly funny spoof of the "once-a-year period pill" Watch it on YouTube and have a good laugh.

Willem De Kooning Woman V 1952-53

I remember seeing a De Kooning retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, way back when I was either still in art school or in my early 20's. I remember thinking two things "This man hates women" and "My father was right. Frank Lloyd Wright designed this building to make paintings look bad." Today, I just discovered when trying to find a link to a De Kooning bio (linked to his name above) that the Guggenheim website is just plain ugly.

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