Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had to do this at some point, right?

List courtesy of TMC's Return to Rural blog:

My favourite age: Like the stone age or something? Nah. 38 was a good one.
My best friend(s): The rose-breasted grosbeaks that return to my garden year after year.
My celebrity crush: Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds)
My defining characteristic: I have no idea.
My most evil moment: In the 11th grade, I convinced a cheerful girl that life was meaningless and she started to cry.
My favourite food: A really good charbroiled hamburger with bacon, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise.
My grossest injury: I kneeled on an upholstery needle and it got sucked into my knee, broke into three pieces and one piece was holding my skin up like a tent. Wasn't so much gross as weird.
My biggest hatred: I'm mostly sad over things or people that might be "hated".
My most illegal activity: Recently? We lit a roman candle. And the sheriff showed up! We are big time criminals over here.
My need for justice: Do I ever think of justice? Nope. Good topic for discussion!
My most knowledgeable field: I'm the poster child for the expression "Jack of all trades, master of none."
My life’s goal: Um.
My mother’s influence: Enjoying picking out clothes for other people.
My nerdiest point: Going to the first Star Trek convention.
My oldest memory: My mother bathing me in the kitchen sink.
My perfect date: It's too late for this to ever happen (sniffle sniffle) but I would have liked a man to meet me at the door with a bouquet of roses, just once in this lifetime! And y'know what? I would have liked to have been given jewelry during the dessert course. Yep, I have some unmet old-fashioned "Hollywood" chick flick desires.
My unanswered question: What is the purpose of life?
My random fact: Loons can't take off from anything but water.
My stupidest decision: In retrospect, all my decisions look stupid.
My favourite television show: Past or present? Hmmm. Star Trek Voyager may be the winner.
My style of underwear: Grandma style, but in black.
My favourite vegetable: Asparagus.
My weakest trait: Sloth.
My X-Men Power: Never mind the X-Men. I want: immortality, perfect health, the ability to change gender at will and a metabolism that allows me to eat anything without gaining weight.
My strongest yearning: To see the world.
My moment of Zen: Realizing that there is no such thing as a moment of Zen.

Photo note: I love kitsch signs. This one is from Austin, Texas, and I hear the restaurant is quite good (if you like that type of thing). I do.

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