Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've never had a big problem with procrastination. Sure, there are plenty of things that I've put off doing, but in this area, I think I'm in the "normal range" (whatever that means). Oh, what does that mean? I suppose I rate normalcy as not being overly one way or another. In the case of procrastination, there are some things that I put off and other things that I get to right away. Thus, normal.

However, I am having a big problem with my schoolwork. It has been so boring to me that I find it nearly impossible to engage with it. And since most of the work is online, it's quite easy to navigate away from the page (as I'm doing right now).

This is interesting: I realize that if there was a textbook, I'd probably be more engaged. This is the second "class" in a row without a textbook, and I had a problem with that course material, too.

Textbook or no, the course material is painfully dull. How much can one read about filing systems? I took an exam yesterday and encountered questions like how many filer drawers are needed for x amount of files. I did the math, but my answer was wrong. Of course, I didn't use the "official" numbers that were in the course, for I never wrote them down. I couldn't bring myself to take notes. . .I skimmed, over and over again.

I need to knuckle down, but I can't seem to. One thing I've never been was a diligent drudge. I've never been big on taking notes, for one thing. In the past, I've found that taking notes gets in the way of paying attention to what I'm listening to or reading. Now, I must take notes, for I've no textbook to refer to.

How do you push yourself to do something that you can't stand doing? Right now, I'm feeling like I'd rather subject myself to various forms of torture than do this work. Maybe I am subjecting myself to torture by doing this work. That's what it feels like.

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated!

Painting note: Henry Fuseli The Nightmare 1781
While searching for a painting of someone asleep, I found this. An artist I have never heard of, or seen (or if I did, I don't remember it).


Anonymous said...

Ahem, why exactly are you taking this course? Is it something that's going to be a prominent component of your future job?
If the answer to the last question is yes, I fear you will prematurely die of boredom, Julie!

Julie H. Rose said...

The answer to the (good) question is "no". I want to become certified to do medical transcription and a few of the prerequisites are entirely irrelevant - 14 weeks of info about how things get filed, shredded, stored. . .14 weeks of studying billing procedures. . .federal, state and association regulations. . .let me out of here!

Anonymous said...

Phew, that's bearable, then! Start plugging away and no complaints:)
Look who's talking(me)

Julie H. Rose said...

Ha! I didn't notice the creature sitting upon the reclining woman until just now. Perhaps my screen was at a bad angle. Well, that creature's name is "Medical Information and Office Practices".

Julie H. Rose said...

If I can't complain about this course, I shall expire. . .hey, I DO have a fainting couch. Maybe I should go lay upon it.

Anonymous said...

LOL about the creature, it was the first thing I noticed. I need one of them fainting couches.