Thursday, April 16, 2009

What was your reaction?

Embedding has been disabled, so go to YouTube here.


BitterGrace said...

Complicated. It's impossible for me not to love her. She seems completely charming and she really can sing. But of course the over-the-top reaction of the judges and the audience is creepy. Why should it be so shocking that a woman who is not young and pretty can actually do something well?

Julie H. Rose said...

Your question is a good one. No, a great one. I put this up (and on Facebook) to see how folks react. I shouldn't be typing, but I have to!!

I was sent this video with no explanation. I was horrified, but why should I have been? Public humiliation is sport on TV.

But then, I cried when she started singing. Not because it was beautiful, but because her voice had the power to shame everyone who had smirked and giggled.

But what if she hadn't been so good?

I suspect this woman will have a big makeover to make her more palatable instead of forcing people to see that she is beautiful as she is. Or perhaps she is too much as she is to allow that to happen.

Note to myself: dream on.