Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not typing is. . .

. . . not fun. I am typing super slow and it's awful. It makes me realize that my thinking is fast. I never realized that before. Now I must stop.


jmcleod76 said...

Stop thinking? No, I suppose you meant stop typing ... Either way, you're missed. I'm bored. Not because you're not blogging. You've not blogged before. I'm just bored ... restless ... not wanting to concentrate ... This is not your problem. Just sharing. 'Cuz I'm bored (Does that make me boring?). Bored bored bored. La dee da dee doo ... OK, it's been nice having this little chat with you. I'm going to go back to playing the mental equivalent of "kick the can" in my head now. Feel better soon.

Julie H. Rose said...

yes, i meant stop typing. but i did mean that typing slow made me notice how quickly i think. thinking that slowly while typing with one or two fingers is torturous and not conducive to decent writing.

sorry you are bored. i am bored when i'm restless, even if there's a zillion interesting things to do. go for a walk if you can - it gorgeous out. maybe then you can kick a real can.

now. . .must put computer away!