Saturday, April 18, 2009

I can't type but. . .

. . .there's still plenty of interesting things to read (what an understatement!) So, I'll be linking to other sites. The "tea party" phenomenon is fascinating, though I do find it disturbing. I'd love to write more. Photos from tax day here.

I've seen many bumper stickers around these parts: "Obama - the beginning of a new error."

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BitterGrace said...

Well, racism aplenty in those signs, isn't there? And it's pretty damn funny to accuse Obama of sucking up to the Saudis, after all these years of the Bush clan practically bedding down with them. Where were all these people when Bush and Cheney were shredding the Constitution and starting very expensive illegal wars?

In fairness, I notice that one of those signs also attacks Bush. An awful lot of hardcore conservatives are pissed off about the bailouts, period--no matter who signs the checks. I'm not crazy about the bailouts myself, though my reasons for opposing them are different.