Sunday, April 19, 2009

But what if she couldn't sing?

Of Susan Boyle, here. Thank you, Maria, for leaving that link in the comments section. It was too good to be left hiding there.

When I saw the YouTube video, I was angry as hell as I watched the audience smirk, laugh, and roll their eyes at Susan Boyle. I had no idea why I was sent this horrible link. I've seen more than enough mockery to last a lifetime.

I wish the audience had bowed their heads in shame instead of giving Ms. Boyle a standing ovation. But what I wish even more is that shows like these were now permanently eliminated from television. We've not learned one thing from being forced into seeing that Ms. Boyle is "beautiful inside."

Every single person deserves to be treated as if they were, regardless of whether they have talent or not.

The above link says this all a lot better than I can, especially as I'm trying to be terse (which I'm not good at). Go read it.

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