Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shame on you, Ikea!

No pics for this post. After looking at the governmental website about how to lodge complaints with or about companies, and discovering that Ikea does a great job of keeping the consumer from finding out where their upper management people are exactly, I have no choice but trying to blanket the Web with my complaints about the horrible mattress we purchased. Twitter will be filled with my boring tweets about Ikea's non-existent customer service and the bad night's sleep (or lack of it) I'm getting. I keep thinking about how lovely the bed was I laid down on in their Stoughton, Massachusetts store. Oh, how I longed to get home and snuggle up in it! The joke is on me. I'd be just as comfortable on the floor with a yoga pad purchased at some dollar store. Ikea, shame on you!

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TMC said...

Ugh, what a disappointment.