Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unsuccesful, but fun

I overworked and overthought this skein of yarn in an attempt to push my limits. But hey, it was a great learning experience.

I suspect that even though I think it's unsuccessful, it would knit up into an interesting object, maybe a funky bag. It's not soft; the wool I used was a matted bunch of fat singles that I combed out. I spun a wool/silk thread into one ply of the yarn, which was a mistake. For one thing, it was green, and the yarn was already green enough (the flash brings out the other colors too well). To make up for that, I tied the purple raw silk into the whole thing at intervals. That was a lot of work, and put my new wheel to the test.

I'm going to pull back some and not aim for the most out-there yarns quite just yet. I also want to make softer yarn, though some of the materials I'm working with defy me to do so. I love a challenge. More to come!

And since I've posted this on Facebook, I'll put it here, too: There will be prizes for anyone who comes up with a great suggestion for the name of my yarn biz (though you may be thinking "how could she even be thinking of selling already?!") Well, I thrive on having goals. FYI: Contenders so far are: Muttonhead Yarns, Scenic Turnout (which could encompass anything I make), and Effyarn.

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