Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm lousy at naming things and I need your help

The above is self-explanatory. But, for the sake of interest, here's how bad I am at naming things: I've opened dictionaries at random and used name generators on line to name pets. My parents made fun of my pet-naming prowess. Suggestions for orange cats were "Peachy" or simply "Orange." Tabbys? "Tabby." I didn't name my sheep, 'cause I didn't want to think of them as pets (though one sheep was called "Muttonhead" due to it's uselessness).

So, I need your help. I'm planning on putting up a website that features my new handspun yarns. Every name I can come up with is awful. Here's some keywords that might be useful: handspun, art, upcycle, recycle, Freedom (where I live), fiber, fun, one of a kind (important one, that), Maine, color, play. I thought of Freedom Oaks as a name (oak being "one of a kind") but that sounds like a housing development. See? I'm really bad at naming things. I wish the letter "F" wasn't so loaded or I'd call it Fyarn, for Freedom, Fun, and Fiber. There is already a JKnits company. Hey, maybe Fyarn isn't bad. Oh, I need help!

I also am planning on self-publishing my lace workshop as a book. I've thought of "Holey Knit!" A book called "Lace Knitting: A Workshop" was published 30 years ago. Keywords for this one are swatch, lace, learning, fun, knitting, workshop in a book. . .you get the idea. What will the book look like? It will be a small, spiral-bound book with a photo of a swatch on the left page, and a chart with both typeface and written notes (so it looks like a fun knitter's notebook) on the right page. Maybe "Lace Knitter's Notebook" is a good name?

Thanks for your help!

Photo note: Websafe sent me this scan of my fingerless mitt. It's got more accurate colors than the photo I took. I'm going to be ripping out the thumb section because I don't like the striping, nor do I like the bind-off. That, too, will go. Sheesh! I've got too many projects in the works. Spinning, book-making, knitting, trying to keep the woodstove going, and I'm still in my pajamas at 1:14 in the afternoon. I bought them yesterday and they are too cozy to take off, but still. Why did I tell you that? It's too much information, and an embarrassment to boot.


BitterGrace said...

I'm pretty bad at names myself, but trying to be helpful here: How about Spinrose Yarn for the website? Or maybe do Spin Rose Yarn, which Google would like better.

The book is tougher. Your idea seems fine, actually...

TMC said...

I like Muttonhead Yarns... totally unique and memorable. Or Muttonhead Yarns of Freedom (get it?). Muttonhead Fibers? Muttonhead has the sort of hardscrapple (??), practical straightforwardness that I associate with Maine. And yarns or fabric are the softer side (the staying warm by the fire on a blizzardy day, or the feel of a late summer breeze.)

Farts of Freedom, ME? (fiber + arts)

No, I'm going with Muttonhead. Muttonhead Yarns. Yup, that's my selection.

Maybe "Lace knitter's handbook"? or "A Rebel's Guide to Lace Knitting: Because safety pins and colored hair are played out."

Is there another artsy name for lace knitting?

jim dandy said...

From Ewe to You?
Ewe R Us?
We Love Ewe!

Websafe said...

Playing on Jim Dandy's ideas:
"All About Ewe: Upcycled Yarns by Julie Rose"

jim dandy said...

Now that IS interesting.