Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafty days

What have I been up to? First, half of a pair of fingerless mitts (and the back half of my cat):

Next, a long sampler for my (unfortunately canceled)lace knitting class. Here's the pointy end:

Here's the non-pointy end, where the stitches are fairly simple:

And, lastly, here's the entire thing, which you can see in detail (only slightly blurry) if you click on it:

The purpose of this knitting is not aesthetic. It is for learning. It is what any lace knitter would have done before books were readily accessible to all. Knitting this was so much fun, even for an old-hand like me. I remembered how exciting I find creating holes in knitting! With this sampler of only 12 different patterns, there's enough information for a lifetime of making up patterns. Some of the samplers that are still in existence from the late 19th century are nearly 20 feet in length. I could have kept on going, but I've got other things to do.

I also spun up three bobbins of slubby thick and thin yarn, which needs to be dyed, and then plied with another yarn in order to be presentable.

I almost forgot that I made over 100 yo-yos to sew onto an old Army bag which has gorgeous weathered leather buckles and whatnot on it. How will it come out? I don't know. It's an adventure, so stay tuned.

I thought I hadn't been that creative or busy, since I've not been feeling well. This shows how one's perceptions can be completely inaccurate.

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Nika said...

Cool... I love the colors in the bottom picture.