Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another fun disaster

I don't know why I'm awake. Earlier today, at work, I was so tired, I tripped over something (twice) and fell down. Here it is, at 10:09pm, and I'm blogging.

Ah well. There's just not enough time in the day to do everything. I'm keenly aware, more to the point, that there's not enough time in an entire life to do everything. I probably will crash and burn sometime, though it sure felt like it was this afternoon, when I was bleary-eyed and falling to the floor. Second winds sure are something!

I just finished another fun disaster of a handspun (above). It's a thick and thin coiled yarn. It's simply a mess; completely overspun. If I take the skein off the niddy-noddy (that wooden object it's on, for those of you who don't know the lingo), it curls up up itself to the point of reducing in size by about half. Is it usable? Probably, for yet another funky hat or bag. "Funky" is an aesthetic that's great for problematic fiber.

I must remind myself that I'm learning. I may know how to spin perfect looking fine fibers, but as far as "art yarn" goes, I'm a rank beginner. I learned a lot spinning this skein. I didn't quite understand the principle of it until I was about a yard away from finishing it up. Truth is, I've never even seen this type of yarn in person. I've only seen photographs (and they are lovely). I do wonder, in spite of the loveliness of a good thick and thin coiled yarn - what is it good for? I mean, what can one actually knit from it? It seems as if it's best use is a decorative wall hanging. Nonetheless, I am fascinated by the structure of it and want to be able to spin a good skein (or 100) of the stuff.

By the way, I'm not obsessed with purple, green, and yellow. I just happened to get some very inexpensive halfway decent fiber that was dyed those colors. I've now used them up. Phew! Now I can move on to some new colors. The stuff is not soft, either. I'm glad to see the end of it, but grateful that it gave itself quite willingly to cheap practice without guilt. I'm saving the good stuff for when I know what I'm doing.

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