Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the results are in


My friend Websafe showed me how to scan three dimensional objects. So, here are my first two skeins of upcycled/recycled handspun. The khaki and grey one is from the fibers in the previous post. Afterwards, I made the purple skein, but I was so tired by then that I forgot to take a photo.

How is upcycling different than recycling? Hmmm. I suppose recycling is using something that would otherwise be thrown out. I did that by using fiber bits from the ends of knitted objects and combing them out. Upcycling is using materials that would otherwise be used for different things. There is some white silk in the purple yarn that was from a perfectly good skein of plain white silk. I un-spun it, combed the heck out of it with a dog comb, and put bits of it into the purple fiber. The purple fiber is from pieces of slightly felted roving that I combed out, so I suppose it is upcycled, too. There's a bit of sari silk in there. Is that recycled or upcycled? I have no idea.
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