Sunday, March 23, 2008

Starting a new blog

I've had many blogs. I still have a few up. "The Craft Yogini" was supposed to be devoted to my crafts obsessions, somehow linked to my yoga practice. Another (now down) was about Zen Buddhist texts. "Medical Assistance Anyone?" was a way for me to memorize new terminology and blow off some steam while studying. There have been others.

Sounds like I'm writing about past lovers, no? There have been others. . .

I also regularly post comments on other sites; sites about music, politics, perfume, knitting, religion, psychiatry, medicine . . .do I need to go on? You get the picture.

Today as I put up another virtual sticky note on my computer desktop about the new perfume I'm wearing, I realized that I'd just have to start a new blog. Why not share my thoughts about EVERYTHING?

So, prepare to be bored or interested, depending on the topic.

And the disclaimer is: I am an inveterate dilettante and make no apologies for it. I hate this age of specialization. I may not know everything there is to know about what I'm writing about, but I've got my opinion. As do you. I welcome comments of sorts: second opinions, disagreements, encouragement, third and fourth opinions and suggestions. Welcome!

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